Monday, 19 November 2007

US visa requirements

Not sure on your Visa requirements for the US?

Elite International Real Estate HIGHLY recommends contacting Solutions in Law below is their company bio.

We are an approachable and highly efficient law firm focusing particularly on USA Immigration and visa preparation.

Our legal team consists of the most competent and experienced USA Immigration Lawyers/ USA Immigration Attorneys.

We supply a very necessary service in regards to USA Immigration, as the idea of living and working in the USA appeals to millions of people across the globe, but acquiring a visa to effectuate this, is often a more complicated task than most expect.

Our USA Immigration Lawyers, through their legal expertise and knowledge, can often make the difference as to whether that visa is acquired or not. They are also highly equipped to attend to all other USA Immigration Issues.

Visit for further details

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Excellent Investment Green Valley India

Green Valley Overview

  • 24 hours security Gated development
  • Township of 3000 Units
  • 220 acres divided into 66 clusters with community hall and facilities located centrally
  • Each cluster contains 45 units, 35 studio, 8 one bed villas, 2 two bed villas
  • Theme gardens, Gymnasium, Jacuzzi, Sauna, Steam Community Hall
  • Eco Friendly, integrated into natural surroundings
  • Multi Cuisine Restaurants and coffee shops

Green Valley Investment Potential

  • Demand currently outstrips supply
  • Prices set to increase 100% on completion
  • Annual growth 25%
  • 7% rental guarantee for 5 Years
Call now to recieve further information. 0207 887 6160

Young artist makes an impression

Here at elite international real estate we are always keen to help young artist become recognized.

Sunnie Kanani studied a BA (hons) Fine Art degree at Southampton Solent University and graduated in 1999.

Her stunning paintings are original oils on canvas, and her inspiration is primarily from the ocean. Water is a consistent theme throughout her works, also portraying the atmosphere and freedom provided by nature.

Sunnie translates how the waves melt into one another by permitting wet paint to disperse into wet paint. Each piece creates a mood, allowing the viewer to interpret the emotions as they wish, transforming any room with a positive dominant presence.

Visit to view some of her work.

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Elite International Real Estate sponsors under 13 football team

Elite International Real Estate sponsors Wigton moor under 13 team.
To donate funds to the team call Elite International Real Estate 0207 887 6160 for team managers contact details.

Monday, 23 July 2007

Luxury Brazil Mansion


An exotic house constructed using the natural lush green surroundings which boasting breathtaking gardens and scenery. Mansion Angra located in Angra dos Reis, a South American paradise at the green-emerald waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Rio de Janeiro's International Airport is only 1 ½ hour away. This will be a fantastic residential or holiday home.

· 8 Luxurious suites with on suite bathrooms
· Multiple living and dining areas
· Library/reading room
· Bar area
· Luxurious Leisure area
· Complete infra structure
· Mooring for 45 ft boat
· Separate staff living quarters

Contact Elite International Real Estate for a full brochure

Tel: 44 (0) 207 887 6160 email: Web:

Elite International Real Estate Ltd
2nd Floor Berkeley Square, Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London W1J 6BD

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Tax & Legal Sardinia

Buyers should set aside around 15% of the purchase price to cover costs.

Stamp duty/land registration tax fro non-residents (ie second home owners) varies from 10% of the declared price for urban property up to 17% for rural property. Most homes are considered urban.

Residents or those intending to make a Permanent move will pay 4% stamp duty

Vat on new properties ranges from 10 to 20% depending on whether the property is considered a ‘luxury home’. This is usually included in the price, (new law passed states that you pay on the basic of sqm)

Reduced rates of 4% VAT are available for those who build their own property

Estate agents fees are usually between 3 and 5%, notary fees average around 3% and legal costs tend to amount to around 2% of the purchase price

Local taxes (ICI) of between 0.4 and 0.7% also apply to anyone owning a home in Italy.

Buying property in Italy is straight forward but pretty time consuming

First buyer must obtain a tax identification number (codice fiscale) from the Italian authorities

There are then three main buying stages, first the buyer makes the offer which commits them to buying the property at the given price. If the seller accepts a deposit (usually 10%) is paid

Both parties then sign a legally binding proposal (compromesso di vendita). This outlines the details of the transaction, including the scheduled completion date.

Should the seller withdraw, they must pay the buyer double the value if the deposit. If the buyer pulls out they lose the deposit.

On completion, both parties sign the final contract (rogito) in the presence of a notary, who then issues the deeds and informs the land registry to transfer ownership. The remainder of the balance, plus all taxes, must then be paid at this point.

Other Fees & Running Cost

Annual Tax – 0.4% – The Imposta Comunale sugli Immobili is an annual council tax calculated on the value of the property based on the value stated in the building registry.

Annual Rubbish tax – Approximately 250€/year

Utilities – electricity, water, gas, telephone (if required) – Slightly less expensive than the UK

Community Charges – Upkeep of communal areas (swimming pools, tennis courts, garden lighting, maintenance etc). These charges are decided by the community of owners, in which you have a vote. We estimate these tend to be around 500€/year

Sardinia top holiday and investment destination

The island of Sardinia is the second largest in the Mediterranean Sea; it is located to the west of Italy and just below the French island of Corsica.
Sardinia has been described by many visitors as the ‘jewel of the Mediterranean’, with a perfect Mediterranean climate, stunning scenery and mountainous backdrops.

For many years Italians have enjoyed their holidays in Sardinia, enjoying the beautiful crystal clear blue waters and long sandy beaches the island is famous for. Today with the arrival of cheap flights provided by Ryanair and EasyJet to Cagliari which is the capital city of Sardinia, many British people can now enjoy their summer holidays in Sardinia too.
Property prices in Sardinia are very reasonable with 1 bed apartments starting at around 95,000 euros and a quality 3 bedroom detached home prices starting from around 370,000 euros.
Being Italian the same privileges of EU membership can be enjoyed in Sardinia, therefore the property buying process is relatively straight forward. If you’re a resident of another EU member state you should easily be able to get residence in Sardinia.
Having experienced the beauty and heartbeat of Sardinia has been an ensuring factor of many returning repeatedly for more.

Monday, 16 July 2007

Referral Service

Elite International Real Estate Ltd is currently rolling out our paid referral service on a larger scale. We have found referrals to be our largest source of enquires so as a result are now offering reputable businesses the opportunity to take part in generating extra income from recommending Elite International Real Estate.

For further information email

Pre-Lauch Registration

Off Plan Developments Coming Soon

Brazil, Egypt, India, Morocco, UK- Land, USA Pre-Launch Registration

Our property investment deals are brought privately before they are advertised.

So register now to join the Elite Group.

Barbados Real Estate

Merricks Beach Resort & Residence located in Barbados is the leading island destination in the Caribbean for British, North American and European tourist. Barbados has long been the favorite of the Caribbean with many returning time and time again. Now this is your opportunity to purchase on the island with a reputable developer at very reasonable prices.

Further Information

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

St Vincent & Grenadines
Buccament Bay Beach Resort

Investment Summary

  • 50% BMV
  • Freehold
  • Guaranteed rental income (2 years 10% thereafter 50/50 room share)
  • 30 days free use (2 weeks peak, 2 weeks off peak)
  • Fully furnished to a 5* standard
  • Onsite facilities include; spa, gymnasium, plunge pools, premier concierge services,
  • conference centre, casino, diving, sailing, tennis and golf
  • 4 times cheaper than the West Coast of St Lucia and 5 times cheaper than the West
  • Coast of Barbados
  • 100% finance
  • 20 Years no income tax on this development to encourage tourism to the island
  • International airport due to open 2011 at Argyle
  • Completion date projected end 2008

The Buccament Bay Beach Resort. The resort, managed by a 5 Star hotel operator, will offer a hassle free investment. Experienced Caribbean investors will be aware that on neighbouring islands, West coast properties command a substantial premium as they boast the quieter, more sedate waters of the Caribbean Sea as opposed to the Atlantic.

The investment offers the choice of fully furnished Studio, 1 and 2 bed Apartment Suites,
Penthouse Suites, 1 and 2 bed Cabanas as well as 2, 3 and 4 bed Plantation Houses, which are
maintained and rented through the onsite resort management company. During the first two years of operation you will receive a guaranteed 10% return, thereafter you receive 50% share of the room rate. In addition, you also receive 30 days FREE usage of your property per year.
The choice of suites, cabanas and plantation houses ensures everyone can look forward to
establishing a tropical property portfolio.

Further Information

Request a Brochure

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

March Edition Homes Overseas

This month’s edition has a fantastic piece in investing in South Africa which resulted in many of our loyal clients calling Elite International Real Estate to source property there.

Always flattering to know that whether we are in an edition or not we are still in the forefront of clients minds when seeking new countries to invest in.

Thank you Homes Overseas for having such a fantastic reading material.

OK we were in the February & March edition!

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Chelsea Football Club official Magazine March 2007

Elite International Real Estate Advertisies with Chealsea Football Club Magazine and attracts an impressive number of investors in sardinia.

Friday, 23 March 2007

Investment strategies

All forms of investment fall into three categories;

Paper – Bonds, Stocks
Property – commercial, residential, land
Business – new, old

There area numerous investment strategies available which an investor would implement dependent on their objective, most if not all would fall into another three categories

short term (0-18 months* also know as a flip strategy)
medium term (18-36 months* buy and hold)
long term (36 plus* buy and hold)

(* time scales can vary)


Short terms strategies are also known as flip strategies this is when you invest within a short period of time and make an impressive return such as purchasing at discount either off-plan or stock unit, then re-selling once entire development is built.

For example

Development XYZ in North England
Off plan is made at a purchase price if £160 000.00
Property growth rate in area of 5%

Unit price £160 000.00
15 % discount (Instant Equity) £ 24 000.00
Discounted unit price £136 000.00

In 24 months the property value will be £176 000.00
including property growth rate of 5 %

Therefore profit in 24 months £ 40 000.00
(Even shorter in cases of bulk buying stock units)

Another short term strategy involves buying, refurbishing and selling the property within the year and from the profits repeating this process. This is not only lucrative when things go well but also is very expensive if the property has hidden problems. In this strategy, time plays a major factor and only recommended for investors who have experience within this field and are self motivated.

Medium Term

Medium term investments are also known as buy and hold strategies. These are in the forms of buy to let, off plan purchasing, land purchasing, commercial unit lettings etc…
The time frame to exit could be from 36 months plus depending on the investor’s circumstances.

Long Term

Long term investments are also known as buy and hold strategies. These would be the property you reside in; a buy to let that will one day be your child’s first property.
Some investors may even start investing in a short term and decide to convert it into a medium/ long term.

There is no such thing as an ideal strategy however the strategy to be used is the one that meets your criteria and will fulfil your objective.


All strategies will come with some level of risk, in some cases the greater the risk the higher the gains although a high risk strategy will not be compatible with an over cautious personality. When selecting your investment strategy take your personality, personal circumstances and your time frame into account.


Most property when under construction cannot legally be registered, it will have to pass relevant planning directives and licensing requirements, as such will not provide sufficient security for lenders hence will not raise a mortgage on it.
The initial deposit or financing will have to be raised by the investor via personal funds, taking equity out of existing property or using a bridging company. There are numerous ways to raise finance Elite Intl Real Estate recommends sourcing information from lenders or your accountant.


Taxation varies from country to country, even state to state always seeks expert advice. There is an obligation to declare all income and gains to relevant authorities, better to pay taxes than deal with the consequences.


Every country has its own legalities to conform to and Elite Intl Real Estate would recommend consulting an international property lawyer. Using an international property lawyer may be time consuming but the benefits far out weigh the time and cost. Having the knowledge of knowing your future property has passed all legal requirements, land & property ownership check will be priceless in the long term, remember if you are purchasing abroad it will not be cost effective to fly back and forth to check on progress.

Purchasing Abroad

When purchasing property abroad you do need to be clear on why you are buying, many confuse investing (by to let) with holiday home. During the vacation months is when you will receive maximum rental there is no point using this property during this time.
Returns abroad have been much higher than those of the UK it is possible to make anything between 20-40% in some countries.

Factors to consider when purchasing abroad

Owning property abroad has been a long time dream for many which is now achievable, before committing do consider the following factors;

· Political Stability
· Economic Condition
· Climate
· Accessibility
· Appreciation
· Taxation (Repatriation to the UK currently is 40%)


Here are few useful points to investing

· Never become emotionally attached to an investment
· Enter all investment with the outcome in mind
· Have realistic goals and be consistent in achieving them
· Keep informed (no such thing as too much information)
· Minimize your exposure to risk
· Stick to the plan

We are all investors in one form or another with correct knowledge and a realistic plan expect phenomenal returns over time, this Elite International Real Estate can guarantee.

Elite International Real Estate Ltd
2nd Floor Berkeley Square House, Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London W1J 6BD.
Tel: 0207 887 6160 Email: Web:

Saturday, 3 March 2007

Now where do we start when looking at a company like primelocation? Apart from obliteration cyberspace which does happen to be the number one place people visit in search of property UK and abroad; actually the internet is the number one place to visit when searching for anything!

Primelocation has taken over internet advertising in a colossal scale with a slogan of DON’T MOVE HOME WITHOUT IT! how could they go wrong?

Elite International Real Estate has advertised with Primelocation from the very beginning and we have always received a steady flow of enquiries with the occasional peaks.

We highly recommend Primelocation for any agent or developer.

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Homes Overseas & Elite International Real Estate

Elite International Real Estate highly recommends Homes Overseas Magazine, with the New Year revamp we expect this magazine to go from strength to strength. As usual you will always find concise and recently information included.

Elite International Real Estate highly recommends sourcing information from such publications when thinking of purchasing abroad.

Thursday, 18 January 2007

Overseas Top Ten Buying Tips

  1. Never sign a contract that you do not understand.
  2. Always ensure that you seek specialist advice from independent Solicitors, Architects and Surveyors before considering a purchase overseas.
  3. Before proceeding with the purchase of a resale property ensure an Independent Valuation is carried out.
  4. Try to have mortgage/finance arranged before searching for property.If you are paying a deposit do ensure this is refundable if the mortgage is not approved, this you must have in writing.
  5. Arrange your mortgage in the currency that you earn where possible. If you are going to receive rental income from the property in the local currency then you may need to raise mortgage in the local currency this will be dependent on the lender's criteria.
  6. Check with the Real Estate company of the charges by the legal and government authorities for purchasing a property in your chosen country.
  7. Open a bank account in your chosen country and ensure you get a Certificate of Importation for the money brought in from your home country.
  8. Set up standing orders in a local bank account to meet bills and taxes. Failure to pay your taxes in some countries, such as France, Portugal and Spain, could lead to court action and possible seizure of your property.
  9. Think about combining your cash with friends or family: it could bring a Villa with pool, rather than an Apartment. In this case it is recommend you draw up legal documentation so everyone knows where they stand.
  10. Remember that bills do not end at the asking price. Lawyer's fees, Taxes, Insurance etc must all be met in your host country and can often be more expensive.

Contact us for a Reputable Lawyer